The Left Hand of Darkness  - Ursula K. Le Guin I debated whether or not to mark this book as read or to add it to a new bookshelf called something along the lines of "cannot possibly finish." As one can see, I have choosen the former as I did put in the time and effort to get through at least half of the book.What can I say about this book? It was confusing, and most of it went way over my head. Maybe I am not intelligent enough to understand the author's writing. I picked this book up with so much promise. I really thought I would enjoy this. Instead, I was confronted with a story that I did not understand.I have not yet read anything else by Le Guin. With The Left Hand of Darkness being considered one of her best works, I doubt I will pick up another book by her for a very long time. Perhaps age will grant wisdom that will aid in understanding this story, and maybe I will try to pick this back up years down the road... many years, I might add.