The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood I had to give this book five stars even though I never plan on reading it again, ever. It was just dead-set too painful to read. When I first started, I could only handle this new world in small little chunks otherwise I would be depressed for the rest of the day. For me, as a woman, I felt anger, depression and a deep-set sadness for all the women (and some men too) within the book. To imagine how it would be like to live the lives of these characters. Absolutely wrong, wrong in so many ways. And the scary part is that there are just small signs that society could even go this way, not even too long from now. I just hope that it doesn't. I really don't think I could live through it... I'd possibly even check myself out before it's in full swing. Fuck that.I am finding it hard writing down how it is I feel about this book. It just greatly moved me, and over the past few days that I have read it, I have had nightmares about being a woman in this sort of society. I think I will remember this book until I die... and hope that my life and none of the lives of my descendants ever have to experience something like it. And for that, for being one of the only books to have such a deep, profound effect on me, I have to give it five stars. Amazing. It must have been painful for the author to write.