Mockingjay (part III of The Hunger Games Trilogy)

Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins I have not read such a good trilogy as this one in years and years. Collins, in general, has done such a superb job, and I am so happy to have finally read a teen/young adult series that has turned out the way these books have.The book on its own was fantastic. It has been argued that the beginning was slow and difficult to get through, but I do not think this is the case. In fact, I think all the long, narrative bits by Katniss were an absolute necessity in order for the reader to really grasp and understand her and how she felt about what was happening to her. This book isn't a book of telling what is happening; it's a book that tells about the inner turmoil of the main character as well. Such a good find especially in a book that is dedicated to younger readers.I would not have been able to guess what happened in the book before reading it. I really thought it was going to give me what the second book seemed to lack: a full revolution with justice dealt out to those deserving. Instead, this is a book about a revolution that isn't at its heart what it appears to be, and this is a book also about pain, loss and unfairness. It's not fair how the book ends, and it's not fair what happens to nearly all the people in the book. But you know what? That's reality, and this book is chocked full of it - this is what makes me love it so much. What happens in this third book is believable and could have happened if this society and revolution were real. The loss and pain that Katniss, in particular, goes through is something that would happen to anyone going through hard times like these. The "love triangle" was handled in such a way that could be believed as well. By the end of the book, I couldn't have been happier to see what happened with that. It's almost as if it was inevitable especially after a few key moments that happened at the end.I cried at least twice during this book. I was so moved by it. Absolutely so well done... well done, Collins, for giving me a read that is amazing, un-cliche and not afraid to cross those lines. The teen/young adult genre is lucky to have you, especially after all the shit "love" books that have been released in the past five years.