Kisses from Hell

Kisses from Hell - 'Kristin Cast',  'Richelle Mead',  'Kelley Armstrong',  'Alyson Noel',  'Francesca Lia Block' The short book is comprised of five short stories from five different authors.Overall, I gave this book three stars. I enjoyed it for what it was: just a short book to read within an hour and delight in the stories within. I mostly picked it up to read Armstrong's story because I'm on a kick to finish all her young adult stuff, and her story was four star worthy.Cast's story was annoying; I don't like poetry, and I certainly don't want to read a half poem/half short story that doesn't make sense. No thank you! I just passed over her story.The other three stories were ok. Mead's story was... annoying to be honest. I've read the first book of her popular series, and I didn't particularly like it. However, I found that the "classes" of vampires within this short story is sad and didn't make a whole lot of sense. We have so much discrimination in this world already. Why make up a whole different species/race and put in the same discrimination? Doesn't make sense to me.Noel's story was disturbing. The type of story probably falls in line with her popular series, young girl who is stupid and doesn't know what is going on and who gets taken away and controlled by a boy. *rolls eyes* Paahhleeaase. These stories don't excited me; they make me worry for those girls who fall into the trap of believing controlling men are sexy.Black's story was different! It was nice to see a girl as the instigator, but the story was sad too. I rather liked it. So, I like Armstrong and Black's stories but didn't like the other ones nearly as much. Good collection for those who are fans.