The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1)

The Gunslinger - Stephen King I have no idea what made me pick up this book and read it. It's not really in my genre (I will have nothing to do with westerns, thank you very much) not have I ever read, or had the inclination to read, Stephen King.But here I am, weeks later, with this book sitting on my read list.I felt this book was a great beginning to something... great, for lack of a better word. The whole thing felt like it was building up to something, but I don't think I quite understood what was fully going on. I have the tendancy to see through the important things in heavy book and then I get to the end feeling as if I missed something. I felt I missed a lot of somethings in this book (the whole universe explanation at the end with, the reason why the boy had to die... etc), but I still rather liked it, and I think there should be greater things to come.I probably won't jump into the second book right away, but I definitely have plans of reading it relatively soonish. As a side note, I liked Kings writing and may venture into some of his other book soon as well.