A Scanner Darkly - Philip K. Dick I just really didn't like this book at all. Since the book dealt with the topic of addiction to drugs, I thought I would find a big connection to the book because I have a very close family member who is addicted to heroin. He has suffered very much from this addiction and the family members, myself included, suffer from his addiction in many ways. However, I found no connection to the book whatsoever. Most of the time I was confused about what was actually happening, and since the book dealt mostly with a made-up drug, Substance D (or Substance Death), I couldn't connect my experiences to those in the book especially during the last part of the book when it was revealed that Substance D splits the brain and a person becomes two people. I just didn't get it, and honestly I didn't even really care either.I am usually a fan of Dick's made-up world and characters, but this book just didn't click with me. Most of the time I was bored with it and kept reading it only to say that I've finished the book. In fact, the only real connection I had with any writing in the book at all was in the author's note after the book ended. I felt his pain just by those two pages which lists those who have unfairly suffered from addiction. These two pages actually brought tears to my eyes.Maybe I missed something. Maybe I just didn't get it or read it at a time that made it difficult for me to get into it. I'm not a fan though.