The Fellowship of the Ring  - Alan Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien Just to begin, the novel is not like the movie. Sure, most of the same story happens, but this novel has a completely different feel.It almost reads like a history book rather than an epic adventure. The novel also lacked any sort of relate-able emotion from all characters. There was tons of world building, but this was all moot as it doesn't seem to really add anything to the story. For every page of action, there were seventy-five pages of Tolkien describing the history of the Hobbits or describing where certain areas are located within the world. On top of that, there was not one strong female character in the book at all except for those mentioned in old lore throughout the book. I realized this to my detriment.I have to say that I quite enjoyed the part of reading about Tom Bombadil. That was a story within this novel that didn't make it to the movie, and it was a part of the novel that I enjoyed just for its crazy story. The part that I hated the most was, surprisingly enough, the chapter The Council of Elrond. It seemed to drag on and on, and I still don't know what most of the pages within were talking about. Long story short, majority of this novel was like this: it dragged on and on... and on, and by the end of the book, I was almost skipping over those world building pages (which happened up until the very last page).With all that said, however, this book was one of those books that paved the way for our fantasy and science fiction stories that we have so widely available today. I commend Tolkien for that, and for being a first of its kind, it's a surprisingly good book. I almost wish I could thank the author for that.Did I enjoy the story? I did... but I think this has to do more with the movie being so incredibly good than this book actually telling a superb story. I will continue with the series anyway, but I have no hope that the writing will get any better. I still loved reading the story from its source.This is probably the only circumstance in my life when I'll have to say that the movie was better than the book.