The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms - N.K. Jemisin The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is about survival, love, cruelty, war and, most importantly, Gods. Gods who take a human form and mingle with mortals, and one mortal, Yeine, is unlucky to find herself caught in a web of strife and plans.Just is the gist of it, at least. I thought this novel was absolutely marvelous. To me, the story was unique and very imaginative. I couldn't put the book down once I started reading, and it gave me a story that I just didn't expect at all... which I ended up loving.I love Yeine. I think she is a very likeable character. Sieh is also a character that I enjoyed a lot. Nahadoth was my favorite character, of course. Sexy, dark, unpredictable... who wouldn't love that? I loved the interactions between him and Yeine as well, and the sex scenes were nice - sexy yet set above those of "sex" novels. I quite enjoyed that aspect.Like I said, the story itself was unique, and I enjoyed the plot as well and how the story played out. I'm not an expert writer or critic. All I can talk about is how I felt while reading the novel and what it meant to me. Therefore, I don't know if this was, technically, well written or if the plot was full-proof. All I know is I immensely enjoyed the story, and I will keep the story in my head and dreams (Nahadoth! Yum!) for a very long time.Such a unique story. Very well done.