Tomorrow, When the War Began - John Marsden This is such a good book!I'll start out with the specifics. I loved the characters, first and foremost. I felt that the author, in a very simplistic way, really drew out his characters (and how I love my simplicity). As a reader, I was able to get to know them each personally, and I was happy to see that most personalities weren't even stereotypical. That is such an important aspect to books today.Ellie was a likeable but realistic character. I loved that she formed a bond with Lee, but she was honest about her bond with Homer. The jealousy and selfish feelings she shares with us is real; every human being feels those emotions at one time or another, and I loved how the author stayed real with the readers.I loved the idea behind the book. What a creative and unique way to bring about the take-over of Australia. What a scary idea it is, too! I live sort of close to the areas described in the book, so it makes for a chilling comparison to how I live my life now and what happened to the populace in the book. Such an unbelievable yet realistic turn of events. Honestly, I don't think something like that could actually happen to Australia, but then again... everything comes to an end, sooner or later.In more general terms, I loved how Ellie (and the author) plays with this idea of what is evil and how is it brought about. It is decided at the end that humans bring the idea of evil into being, but Ellie refuses to believe that humans are evil themselves. Such a chilling revelation to come to in such a time. The book itself brought to the forefront of my mind just how lucky some of us are. It's so easy to take our lives for granted, and I think there will be a hard lesson to learn from this in the future.Very good read. I will continue with the series (in fact, I'm requesting the next book from the library after this review).