Foundation (Foundation, #1) - Isaac Asimov I was pleasantly surprised by this book!Since the new year 2011, I've read two books from the 50/60s that are considered some of the classic sci-fi/fantasy novels of our time: The Left Hand of Darkness by Guin and The Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkien. Both books came with high recommendations and both books immensely disappointed me. I could not even finish The Left Hand of Darkness because of the convoluted writing, and The Fellowship of the Ring took me over a month to finish (and I was only able to finish it because the movies meant so much to me). Long story short, not my favorite reads.Therefore, when I picked up Foundation to read for a bookclub, I didn't really have very high expectations. First, it is from the 50's like the other two, and, second, it is considered a classic in the sci-fi genre. I expected to react to the book a bit like I had to the Guin and Tolkien books: acknowledge that it is a classic and way before its time but has no relevance to me today. Oh, was I majorly mistaken!This book was fantastic! Besides the Grimspace books I've read this year, I haven't really delved into the sci-fi genre in years (if really ever). Therefore, Foundation opened up a whole new world to me, and it is in my opinion that this was the best novel to do just that.While reading Foundation, I felt as if the world being explained was contained with a small glass globe, and I was a being on the outside of the globe watching the world and seeing into these individuals lives. It's a reading book - I didn't feel immersed into the world, but I felt as if I was on the outside looking in. I haven't read a book that made me feel this way in a long time. For this novel, it was great. Also, another thing that I loved about Foundation was the scientific explanations and intelligent dialog and subject matter. I like to think of myself intelligent (I'm not a genius, but I do alright), and one of my favorite TV series is Bones. Although Bones is definitely not at the apex of intelligent subject matter of this world, nor Foundation as a matter of fact, it is still enjoyable for me to watch because I feel my mind being challenged, just a little bit. I felt like that with Foundation. I felt I had to concentrate on what was really being said in order to appreciate the underlying flows of the novel. It kept me on my toes and, for that, I loved the whole thing.I've ordered the next book in the series from the library and will be reading it as soon as I pick it up. If the next book is as great as the first, the series may turn into a favorite of mine, and for that, I am very excited.Asimov, you've just entered my list of favorite authors of all time.