Practical Magic - Alice Hoffman I have lost count of how many times my eyes filled with tears while reading this book.Practical Magic is nothing like it's counterpart movie. The names of the characters are the same, and that is about it. I loved the movie as a teen growing up, and it will always have a soft spot in my heart. Who wouldn't love it? Even though the book was so different from the movie, I loved the book just as much and for way different reasons.The flowing ideas of love throughout the book was fascinating. I loved that the book showed the good side of being intoxicating-ly in love yet it didn't shy away from how love can be devastating, cruel and unfair. In particular, I thought that Hoffman was spot on in describing Gillian's love for Jimmy. This book was absolutely fantastic. I will mark this as a read again in the future (I think this is one of those rare books that gets better with a reread). My eyes are filled with tears now thinking about the beautiful story woven within these pages. Marvelous.