The Summoning (Darkest Powers) - Kelley Armstrong I gave this book five stars and shelved it among my favorites. Do I think this is Armstrong's best work? No. Do I think this is one of the best available in the Young Adult genre today? No. So... why the five stars?I gave this book the ratings that I did because I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I just got this book from the library today and have read it within five hours. That is usually a good indication, for me, that I am enjoying a read. The main reason why I enjoyed the story so much is mostly because this book has returned me to Armstrong's world of supernaturals. I loved nearly all of Armstrong's adult fiction series, Women of the Otherworld, and this story brought me back to the time when I first started that series. I had this huge nostalgia feeling while reading the whole book. It brought back good memories of old characters.If The Summoning was the first book I have ever read of Armstrong's, I doubt I would have liked it a whole lot and may have even decided to not read any of Armstrong's other work. I am very happy this is not the case, though, and I urge any reader that may have been put off by this book to please pick up some of Armstrong's adult fiction - you may be pleasantly surprised.So, enough of my excuses for a maybe-not-deserved five-star rating... Now on to what was good and bad about this book.I'll start by stating the good. Cue large letters -- OMG A YOUNG ADULT BOOK THAT INVOLVES A FEMALE AND ISN'T ABOUT BOYSZZZ??!?!! I am never disappointed with Armstrong and her ability to point out that girls/women do not have to have their lives revolve around boys/men. With the shit that the Young Adult genre is putting out today, it is nice to see a book that puts out healthy, positive messages to young women (at least in this form). Boys is the last thing on young Chloe's mind, and thank goodness for that.The story itself was interesting but not overly surprising. Of course, the book was well written as is all of Armstrong's other work. Again, I'll reiterate from what I said above: it was marvelous to read about Armstrong' "Otherworld" again. Like I said above, the story wasn't overly surprising and creative. As well, Chloe doesn't feel like a well fleshed-out character. I have a hard time understanding who she really is (but of course, this could be as a result of the girl only being fifteen years old... and let's face it, I'm twenty-five and still don't know who I am). I hope that I can get a better feel for her in the next book (which I am starting as soon as tomorrow if not tonight).The ending: I have read a few reviews from friends that state the ending was lacking. I will agree here. I like full endings, not something that reads as if the book was just cut off from the next. This isn't too aggravating to me, however, because I can just pick up the next book and start it immediately. Overall, I have to say I loved it. I can't wait to get stuck into the next one!