The Reckoning  - Kelley Armstrong I am so happy that the series redeemed itself.In my review of The Awakening, I expressed my extreme distaste for Chloe and what I thought was this inevitable brewing love triangle with Simon and Derek. That didn't happen, and in fact, I'm quite happy with how Armstrong wrote the resolution to that situation. I am so relieved! As well, I complained about Chloe being another witless, useless little girl clone that seems to grace a lot of young adult books today, but this also wasn't the case. Long story short and to not spoil too much of the book, she grew a backbone.So, I can actually look at the story now without being bothered by another Twlight-esque fail moment.The story was good! This book isn't quite as boring as the other two, and lots of things happen. Although, I have to admit that the book is really dumbed down, no doubt because of the young adult audience it is meant for. This would have been a kick-ass adult novel even including the teen main character, but alas, Armstrong wanted to change up her writing.I liked the story. I really like Derek, and Chloe felt more real to me after reading the three books. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that this is the last story of them (at least for now). I'd like to see what happens with Chloe's power (omg... that would be awesome if Armstrong brought this into the adult fiction world with Chloe turning nineteen or something). I also want to know why Chloe's necklace changed colors and what Tori thinks about being Simon's sister. There has to be another book.I really enjoyed it! I gave the previous book two stars because of what I thought was going to happen. It probably didn't deserve two stars, but I'm not going to go back to change it. I will let my thoughts and feelings at that time ride.Good read. I suggest this to anyone who likes to read paranormal romance. This book doesn't disappoint.