The Awakening - Kelley Armstrong Le sigh ...This is what I thought when I sat down to write this review just minutes ago. I gave the predecessor to this book, The Summoning, a five-star rating and marked it as one of my favorites. Mainly the reason I did that, as I explained in my review, is because the story contained within brought back great memories of the Otherworld Series which I love to pieces/ However, the story itself was not that great. As well, I mentioned that I was so relieved that finally I was reading a young adult novel that didn't involve one girl and two boys and a headache-causing situation of "the love triangle" Twilight is famous for with a side of unhealthy situations to top it off...WRONG! Well, I shouldn't shout... but I can't help it. I felt so frustrated while reading this book because I could see that Chloe was liking Simon, but in a brotherly manner. However, she likes Derek, and that is obvious to see... but the reader can also see that Simon likes her too! Oh, who would have guessed. Even though Armstrong hasn't played this out full-forced in this book, it feels as if she is setting up this "love triangle" for the next one. I guess I'll see when I read that one tomorrow.On top of this fuckery, Armstrong also seems to think that, like so many other young adult authors I've read, it'd be cool to have her main character like a guy that is controlling, violent and territorial. This is saved, barely, by the fact that Derek is trying to control his temper and treat Chloe like a human being rather than a dog, and his territorial nature is due to his being a werewolf but still. Come on! This book has so much potential!Despite this, I still did enjoy the story in a general sense. The book is very easy to read and doesn't take long to get through. I have to say, with finality, that I enjoy Armstrong's adult fiction much more than this young adult bullshit. I am giving this book two stars just based upon my horrid realization of what this book is really putting forth. Hopefully, I will find a better read in the next book.... but I'm not holding my breath.* Edit: This series really redeemed itself. I finished the last book, The Reckoning, the day after I finished this, and I was pleasantly surprised. The review is here. I will not change my review for this book, however. I will stick with what I said, but the series was a good read.