From High Heels to Handcuffs - Helen Goltz I received this book from a giveaway on Goodreads. I'm going to cut this review rather short because I don't have too much to say about this book. I am also going to be brutally honest and state my opinion in regards to this book because I believe every author deserves to know what a reader really thinks. My overall experience with the book is, "it's ok." There were some good parts, and then there were some bad, bad parts. I did like reading about Goltz experiences with her marketing job and the stories she wrote in regards to it. That was rather nice. It was also nice to read about Goltz' life transition she underwent. There was a lot of bad, though. First, what the hell is with the exclamation marks? Every other sentence ends with an exclamation mark, and when I was done reading a section of the book, I kept wanting to upward-inflect my voice with every other sentence I said because I was so used to imagining the same with Goltz' book. Exhausting! I'd like to point out this very humorous but oh-so-correct article: Misuse of the Exclamation Mark. Ugh, I never want to see another exclamation mark for the next month. The book is in need of an editor...As well, I felt that there wasn't a whole lot to learn from this book. When I read a non-fiction book in regards to an author's life, I want to learn something from them and their experiences. This book didn't really offer anything remotely like that. I even have a hard time understanding why the author felt compelled to write the book to begin with. Her life seems rather peachy, in my honest opinion. Sure, she changed professions and took a much lower paying job. *shrugs* She also had relationship issues... *shrug again* This is just borderline stuff that everyone deals with on a daily basis. Hell, I've dealt with a money-stealing mother who bankrupted my Dad and left and a heroin addicted brother who seems to be trying to kill himself, and I'm only 25. Maybe I should write a book.There were also a few things that Goltz' seems to think about life in general that I do not agree with, such as stating that even though she was very sick in the beginning of her pregnancy (in which she miscarried), at least she was thin! That is appalling to me. Have we actually come to this point in our society that a woman can't even miscarry without worrying about being thin? I have nothing else to say about that - the sentence itself speaks volumes. There were other such "world views" that Goltz stated that made me think, "what the fuck?" and made me shake my head.Like I said, I wished I could have learned something from this woman, but I learned nothing at all.