Hounded - Kevin Hearne I thoroughly enjoyed this book!To keep this review short (I'm getting old and must go to bed before 11 PM nowadays), I will be to the point.I really enjoyed reading about Atticus and his world through his perspective. It's interesting the type of story written here by a male author (I think this is one of the first male-authored "paranormal"ish books I've read ever). There's a bit of flirting and a bit of sex, but it's not overwhelming nor does it define the book and/or Atticus. I enjoyed that, very much so.The best part about the book is the story and world. I could read pages upon pages of this world Hearne has brought before my eyes, and I have to say that the one disappointment in the book, for me, was the fact that the story was so short, to the point and simple. I wish there were more descriptions of the world and how Atticus fits within it. I nearly gave this five stars, but I have to say that there are better books out there... but I really did enjoy this one. I will reconsider a five star rating perhaps after I have read the next one.A good, simple read that will fill the heart of any paranormal/fantasy reader out there.