The Minority Report - Philip K. Dick Since this book is comprised of many short stories by Dick, I'll review each of the ones I read. I'll base my rating upon the general consensus of Dick's work rather than an individual story. Minority Report: This short story was pretty good. I saw how the story was the underlying idea for the movie, but I have to say that I enjoyed the story in the movie more than this smaller version of it. Since this is the first short story I've read by Dick, I have to say that I like the way he writes and the story he has created. Quite inventive for his time. I am really interested in reading the other stories contained in the book.Imposter: This story is cleverly written. I loved how Dick seems to play with the idea of robots and humans and the idea behind what is human and alive?Second Variety: This story actually scared me a bit. Could you imagine? Something like that would be the end of all humans. I think this is my favorite story so far in the book. Again, Dick plays with the idea of what is human and what is alive. Evolution at its greatest in forms that aren't technically alive or are they?War Games: This story was ironic and clever as well. Not one of my favorites, but still well written.Oh, to be a Blobel!: This was a very humorous story. I am picking on a rather similar thread among all the stories Dick is writing thus far in the book. It doesn't seem he holds a lot of respect or trust or something in women. They either betray their husbands or become the secret robot or are pathetic enough to rely on love... I'm not sure if I have the correct, but it sort of seems to be a underlying, common theme. I liked this story, nonetheless.The Electric Ant: This story was a bit sad and depressing, but just as good. We Can Remember it for You Wholesale: This was a great short story as well. I really like how it ended, and the movie was nice as well.My favorite stories would have to be Second Variety and Minority Report, but I enjoyed all the stories.