The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson I have to admit that I did like this book; however, there was nothing in the book or the story that made me feel an undying need to finish the book quickly.I also have to admit that I watched the movie a couple of months ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but this has effected how I received the book. I really enjoyed the last part of the book after Harriet was found in Australia; no doubt this is because the movie didn't go into much detail of the Wennerström article and book written by Blomkvist.Would I have liked the book more if I had never watched the movie? Probably, but it is what it is. The story itself was clever and out of my realm of usual reads (I don't usually delve into the mystery genre). Some reviews that I have read have commented upon the sexual and violent scenes depicted within the book. My opinion - it really wasn't that bad. I have read way, way worse in my time. The violent acts against women and the overall outlook many of the characters have towards women in general made me a bit angry and sad; however, it was overall still a good story and told very well. I will continue with the series in the future.Just for a few points: - I really liked the characters Mikael and Lisbeth. If the series continues with either of them, I will really look forward to reading about what comes next.- I especially loved how the book ended (the last two pages).