Doubleblind (Sirantha Jax Series #3)

Doubleblind - Ann Aguirre This book was ok; I mostly liked it, but it definitely had some flaws.The things I liked:1. I quite enjoyed seeing the customs, culture and world of the Ithtorians. The world was nicely built, and Vel was a character that I really liked among that world. 2. I continue to like Jax. She is a very likeable character, and her inner thoughts are realistic and understandable. She's an awesome main character.3. I still love the idea of Dina and Hit. Hit is one of my favorite characters even though the reader doesn't see much of her. I think she's unique, and I'd like to read a book about her.Thing I did not like:1. The beginning. Come on! Why would Anquirre think that the readers would actually think it is realistic that Jax would leave her quarters without someone to AT LEAST show her to the shipping doc? She doesn't know her way around, and she isn't supposed to leave her corridors. So, why, if this mission is "so important", would Jax make a stupid mistake like that? She's smarter than that, and I didn't buy it. I almost stopped reading the book because of this stupid scene.2. I hate how Anquirre keeps throwing around March just to play with our heartstrings. I want to get to know March! Not keep having him disappear for pages at a time. At the end of the last book, he was left back on Lachion. This book he was unavailable because of his mind issues, and then when he was "available," he turned himself in for Jax. It's stupid, and Anquirre's plan with it isn't working the way she wants it to. It's annoying - it doesn't make me want to turn the page to find out what happens.3. The interruptions by the news/interviews/messages/etc were an inconvenience. I understood why Anquirre has them there, but I am just not that intelligently invested in this book. I just want to read the story - I don't want to become distracted and try to figure out what the author wants me to know.Otherwise, it was an ok read. I will still finish the series out.