Fire Baptized (Habitat, #1) - Kenya Wright I found this book by accident during one of those “lost” nights on Any goodreader will know exactly what I am talking about. Those nights when hours are lost and unknown books are found. I never would have found this book if I didn’t belong to a site like goodreads, and finding books like Fire Baptized makes this site a gem (so long story short, go join! and for those who are reading this on goodreads, good for you. You have done the right thing.).Fire Baptized was a great book and a great addition to the Paranormal Romance Genre. When I found the book on goodreads, my attention was caught instantly, and I had to buy it right away. So, off to amazon I went and bought it from the Kindle store. I started the book that night, and I finished it the next day; however, I haven’t had a chance in the past few weeks to actually sit down and write a good review of the book because of work-life issues. As a result, my memory of certain details may not be so good. Oh well, I will just have to review books faster in the future, especially ones that I really enjoyed.Fire Baptized is a very well written book. I can’t remember a time when I was distracted by a misspelled word or a weirdly written phrase. For that, I have to thank Wright because there are so many books in this genre that I cannot say the same thing and as a result, my enjoyment of said books immediately declines. How can I respect an author’s book if that author cannot even spell a word correctly? Unfortunately, I cannot help but think this when I encounter such a situation.What I love about the book the most would have to be the world setting. The idea that paranormals are locked away in a caged city, Habitat, so that they cannot interact with the civilized world is a phenomenal idea. Wright could and should do so many things with this. Just the idea that they might one day “get out” would be enough for me to buy future books in the series, and I cannot wait for them to come out. I cannot wait to see what will happen. I just hope the author doesn’t take too long getting “there” (if she even plans to go “there” at all). It would be a bit of a disappointment if I didn’t get to experience this with the characters.The second thing I love most about this book (but not as much as the world setting) would be the main character, Lanore. She really is fantastic. I love my heroines, and I love them strong and defiant. I can’t help it. The moment a heroine takes control of her destiny is the moment I get lost in a book. I don’t want to read about a girl who is a “push-over.” I don’t want to read about a girl who cannot make choices on her own. I want to read about girls like Lanore (and my all-time favourite heroine, Vin from the Mistborn Trilogy). Lanore rocks my socks off!Lanore’s ability, to create and wield fire, is great as well. That was another thing that I liked about the book: the range of abilities that the people of the Habitat claim: the all too familiar ones like shapeshifters, vampires and witches, but some new and refreshing ones as well that I will not spoil (the girl at the end being something really spectacular – in fact, I am really looking forward to the story arch with this little gem as she is someone important if I am remembering correctly).There were very few things that I didn’t like about the book, but the one I will mention is the love triangle. Wright did well with this in Fire Baptized, but I hope that it doesn’t turn into something that weaves in and out of the story through the next books. I am so tired of reading books that have clever ideas like Fire Baptized but after a couple of books, they fall into a story about nothing else but the heroine and “her men.” Ugh, please. I don’t want to read another one of those books. It’s just a personal taste of my own to read about intelligent, interesting characters in an interesting world without having the story rely upon the “love triangle.” Fire Baptized isn’t that… yet. I just hope it doesn’t turn into that in the future.Overall, the book was great, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal romance as I would consider it one of the best in the genre.Great read.