Divided (Darkest Powers, #1.5)

Divided (Darkest Powers, #1.5) - Kelley Armstrong This short story is one of Armstrong's free online fiction. This particular story starts on this blog here. It is written through six blog posts starting with the title: Divided.I gave this short story four stars because it is good for what it is. The story describes what Simon and Derek did while Chloe was caught and stuck at her second place of imprisonment. This takes place after book one and during the beginning of book two of the Darkest Powers Trilogy.This is the second installment I've read from Derek's perspective. It's nice to see the same story but from two different perspectives. I enjoyed the story, and next I am going to read the next installment: Disenchanted - the time when Chloe and Derek became separated from Simon and Tori on their way to see Andrew.