Assassins in Love: Assassins Guild

Assassins in Love - Kris DeLake, Kristine Kathryn Rusch Assassins in Love is not a book I would have picked up off the shelf to purchase in any book store - it just usually isn't my thing and with bills to pay and a lack of time to read, I wouldn't have wasted the money.I did end up purchases this book because it is this month's Vaginal Fantasy pick, and I really wanted to read this month's book, so I can participate in the discussion.So I took the five dollars and some odd change to purchase it.I actually quite enjoyed the book.I had low expectations, but the novel was had a fast paced plot with simple, clear writing, and I devoured it in a day.Rikki and Misha are really good characters. In the first 20% of the book, I have a note in my Kindle that basically states that the story thus far reads almost like a fight between loved ones. My fiance and I fight (as I'm sure most couples do) and in most those fights, we are both right in our own ways. This novel told both sides' story, and I could see the perspective from each side. i don't think I have read a book like it before.I'm not entirely sure if I will purchase the second book - again, bills and time. However, I do recommend this read to those who are looking for a fun story with rather nice sex scenes and a non-fussed ending, and I have heard that this author writes quite a number of books under other names. I will need to check those out.Oh, and that reminds me - I ended up having some great sex myself right after reading a sex scene in this book. I love it when a romance novel does that.Kris DeLake, well done!