The Broken Kingdoms (Inheritance Series #2)

The Broken Kingdoms (Inheritance Series #2) - The second book in the Inheritance Trilogy, The Broken Kingdoms, was way better than the first.This book was amazing! So great, in fact, that I finished the book in one sitting, all four hundred pages of it. My eyes are puffy and my back hurts, but I couldn't put the book down. Specifically, I love the main character of the book, Oree. What a well built, interesting character. Surprisingly enough, my favorite part of the book was in the beginning as the reader gets to know Oree and her unique life. The way she is described is just downright beautiful to me.Getting to know Intempas was amazing as well. I loved Nahadoth in the first book, and I love Intempas just as much in this one. The way Jemisin describes her Gods is like nothing else I've ever read and reading about those Gods is unique and thrilling. I loved Madding and Nemmer and maybe even a little bit of Lil. What a unique Dodling that last one was. The story itself was great. So much better than the first book. So much so that I have given this book five stars and included it in my favorites listing. I will remember the story told within the book for years to come and dream restless dreams about Gods and Godlings that don't exist. Jemisin has opened up a whole new world for me. I cannot wait to read the next book.