The The Neverending Story

The The Neverending Story - Wow, what a wonderful book! The beginning part of The Neverending Story was very similar to the movie I watched as a kid, and, in fact, while reading the book, very old memories were pulled to the forefront of my mind. What a read.However, right after this, I became really disappointed with what I was reading. Not because the story or writing became poor - it was because the story took a turn that I did not recognize from the movies I watched over fifteen years ago. I nearly considered giving up reading the book then, and this contributes to why it's taken me two months to finish this book despite the size.It would have been a mistake to quit reading, however. Working through my own disappointment, I kept reading, and I was not disappointed. The story was exceptional especially towards the end. I was enthralled by the ideas put forth by the book. I think I may even dream of this ever-changing world of Fantastica. This may be a book that I would read to my future children. Beautiful.