My Life as a White Trash Zombie

My Life as A White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland This book was fairly ok, and it lived up to my expectations being a paranormal/zombie novel.Truth be told, this is actually my first zombie book... ever. It appears that zombies are now the new vampires (I keep hearing this phrase over and over, and I even heard it in True Blood the other week). All I can say to this is - I am actually starting to realise I am getting old. Like... not-cool type of old. Oh well. At least I can say I am wiser. Maybe? Hopefully...So, back to the book. Like I was saying, My Life As a White Trash Zombie was pretty ok. It didn't blow me away, but at the same time, there was nothing really wrong with the book, either. They were no glaringly obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes, the story kept my interest long enough that I was able to read it in three days without much fuss, and I am still interested in finding out what happens to Angel and if this world will kick it up a notch. However, the thing is... the story was just a bit boring. Not bad, just boring. While reading, I found myself sort of always waiting for something to happen, something that would make my inner soul twist and turn in fear for the characters or their situation, but that never happened. I hardly felt as if there was a climax at all, really. So much potential for this book, and it could have been amazing. /sighI did enjoy the characters. Overall, I really like Angel and it'll be interesting to see if she grows at all in the next book. There was a time there where I didn't know who the love interest was supposed to be. I thought it might have been the nicer cop (whose name escapes me now) or maybe even Nick or Kang (both of whom I really liked as characters). Marcus was ok, but I would have liked to get to know him a lot better.I found the idea that Angel could just take the brains from the dead people without anyone finding out to be rather unbelievable. I mean... from the places I've worked, which is mostly office type jobs, you can barely get away with taking a pad of notepaper without someone finding out and accusing you of stealing. To be able to take brains... I just can't believe it. And she was never caught. She didn't even come close to being caught. It's very hard to believe.The zombies in general were pretty cool. I totally believed that world. The idea that zombies need brains to keep from decomposing and the way the author described this was great. I get it, it's believable and it totally makes sense. Also the idea of having to have something, aka brains, every other day or so to be able to function properly totally freaked me out. I hate the idea of being dependent on anything, especially something that may become very difficult to get, like brains. This whole idea is scary. This also leads me to Angel's back story of being a drug addict/alcoholic (or at least borderline). I come from a family with similar backgrounds/present lives, and I find myself extremely interested in stories about this. I liked seeing the Angel was no angel, and that she was as real as anyone else in this world. I can relate to her, and it makes me like her all the more.I felt the book deserved 3 and a half stars. Like I said before, not amazing but not bad either. I will read the next installment and see if it blows me away.Actual Rating: 3.5 starsRead this review on my website!