I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies Series #1)

I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore This review is difficult for me to write. How do I begin…?In my general view of this world, I feel it is, at the very least, my responsibility to stand up to those that I feel are doing this world harm in some way. This includes those people who lie and steal to get what they want regardless of what that would mean to others. One of the writers of this book, by my way of thinking, falls into this category. I’ll tell you why:The authors of this book are James Frey and Jobie Hughes. The first author is the author of A Million Little Pieces. Yes… the book that was portrayed as a memoir but was mostly filled with lies. This fact by itself is enough for me to convince myself not to read anything written by him. However, I picked up this book from the library and read it not knowing who the real authors were, and it wasn’t until after I read the book that I found out that Frey is one of the authors. Otherwise, I would have never read this book, period.There is an added factor to my review as well. Not only did Frey lie his way through his own memoir, he is also trying to make his own book-making factory by taking in stories from young authors, paying out small amounts to those authors and strapping his name down as the sole contributor. Details can be found in this Wall Street Journal article here. I won’t go any further into this scheme; I will only say that at the end of the day, I do not agree with James Frey and what he is doing.With the way I feel about Frey, how I write this review now becomes a dilemma for me. Do I judge this book based upon the story within or do I judge this book based upon one of the authors? I wish that James Frey wasn’t doing what he is doing, so do I condone his actions by supplying a positive review and giving out my money?My answer to this is I will judge this book based upon the author, and I will not condone his actions. Therefore, regardless if the story is good or fantastic or best selling… it is my final decision that I do have a choice to pick who I want to stand behind and who I do not. I do not want to stand behind James Frey, and, therefore, I will not stand behind this book, and that is all I will say in regards to I am Number Four.