Shadowfever (Fever Series #5)

Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning This series really got to me. So much so that I have yet been able to pick up another book since I finished reading this a couple of weeks ago. It was almost painful to reach the end of the book knowing that Moninig doesn't have any more books about Mac and Barrons out there, and I can honestly say that I was even a bit depressed for about a week as I suffered from Barrons withdrawal. God, a book hasn't made me feel this way in ages (and it's also one reason why I stay away from romance novels... given the right formula and setting, those books can turn me into a sobbing, depressed mess).Enough about me and my reaction, though; this series is fantastic! It is exactly what I want and expect from urban fantasy. Honestly, besides maybe one or two quirky things that I don't want to focus upon, I can find no fault with these books. In fact, I think this series has ruined all of urban fantasy for me for a while. When (and if...) I read in this genre again, I will hold those books to the standard of what I have read here.Just amazing.Now, I can say that I have fully weened myself off of Barrons and Mac and can function as a normal human being again. Moning, you rocked my world.