Fire Study

Fire Study - Maria V. Snyder Fire Study is the third and final novel in the Study Trilogy by Maria Snyder. After finishing Fire Study, there is no doubt in my mind that I positively loved this series. It was refreshing and even though the concept may not have been completely unoriginal, I still thought it was written well, and it grabbed my attention from the first page. Poison Study was such a fantastic read! The concept in that story was definitely original, and the story was great as well.Now, Fire Study wasn't nearly as good as the first book, Poison Study. It wasn't until I was a third of the way through the book that I felt as if I was drawn to the story and even then there were moments that I thought either needed more detail or should have been taken from the story completely. To be general about the book, I felt as if way too many things happened, yet there wasn't enough detail in regards to the moments that should have happened. For example, I didn't feel as if Yelena's sudden fear of her own magic was fully fleshed out. I felt as if I was just told that she felt that way, and I didn't get to see her transition from student to someone who was afraid of her potential power. As well, the tension between her and Moon Man completely shocked me as I didn't see any reason for it happening. It just sort of happened... I fully believe that this story should have been more fleshed out and perhaps split into two books. The appearance of a new villain and Yelena's ability to control the things she could was a bit over the top. I felt Snyder should have figured out a way to stick with the same villains from before and show Yelena on a journey with her fears. I would have enjoyed that more.I know that what I have written so far may not make sense, but I am trying to write in words how I felt. I guess to be basic, I just wish there was more while not having as much action.There were fantastic things about the book as well. The characters are always a treat in this series. I loved Janco, Ari, Valek and Leif just as much as I did before. I would love to see a spin off series of any of those characters, especially Valek. What an interesting story that would be! However, my favorite character in the series is the Commander. I haven't yet read a character like him in any other book thus far in my life. I love how Synder incorporated a trans-gendered individual with the concept of two souls. I felt that was really well done, but I wish there was more involved with that concept. Overall, I feel that this series is really well done! I really want to see more of this world, and I hope Snyder continues with the series or at least a spin off. My only suggestion would be don't be afraid to offer more! The world building and character building are great... now just get the story fully fleshed out.