Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires Series #1)

Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires Series #1) - I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Some Girls Bite had a rather slow start for me. While reading through the first few chapters, I kept thinking, "Here we go... another blase book in a blase genre," but I changed my mind while I kept reading. It's rather good.The characters are endearing, the plot is pretty smooth, world building is good (not great). Like I said, I was surprised as I wasn't expecting much. And I like the way the characters relate to another. I like that Merit isn't the only female in the book and that she has girlfriends. This happens very rarely in this genre as most of these books tend to feature main character girl and the thousand guys she likes. Ethan and Morgan are great as well. They are different than any other male characters I've in this genre as well (at least, mostly).The author did a good job. I really couldn't ask for much more.I will read the next book, for sure. I've heard they get better from here and if that's the case, then this series sounds like it'll shape up to something great.---------------------------------------------As I re-post this review from my goodreads account to my blog, I felt that I should elaborate a bit more on how I felt about this book (from what I remember, at least).The scene that stood out the most to me was when Merit was unwillingly bitten by a vampire then unwillingly turned into a vampire so she would not die. Obviously, this is not rape as we know the word today, but it's along the same subject lines, and if my day was filled with the newly out-in-the-open vampires, I would be nearly as mortified to hear this happening as I do today hearing about a woman, man or child being raped. It's a sensitive subject.As a whole, I felt the author dealt with this subject rather well. Merit had her reaction and went through her feeling of injustice. Maybe the author could have done more with this, but when a person (or a character) goes through such a traumatic event, it is not up to me to judge how her or she reacts.As a side note, I also remember Ethan being a total hottie. *purrs*