Wanderlust (Sirantha Jax Series #2)

Wanderlust - Ann Aguirre Being the sequel to Grimspace, Wanderlust continues with Jax's adventures with the crew. New characters are introduced, and, as with the first book, tons of things happen with shocking results. This book promises to be just as fast paced as its predecessor.Overall, I really enjoyed Wanderlust. The story was exciting, and there were at least two things that happened that shocked me (in a good way). If nothing else, Anguirre can deliver a thrilling story.However, to be more specific, I was more annoyed with Jax throughout the book than anything else. Hell, even in some parts, I held a grimace so long that my face started to hurt. Jax has changed, and with it, her personality seems to have hit a brick wall. It almost seems that she just doesn't know what to do and yet she tries to make herself do things that I cannot, for the life of me, understand. She manages to push herself away from people, and I think that was the most irritating part about it. It's a bit difficult to relate into words how I felt about Jax's new thinking process, but I can definitely tell you that I liked her much more in the first book.In good news, though, that was the only thing I seemed to not like with the book. I loved the new characters, Hit and Jael (especially Hit). I loved seeing the old characters, especially Vel. In fact, I think Vel is my favorite character in the book. He is superbly intertwined with the rest of the cast.Good read. I will definitely continue with the series.