American Gods

American Gods - Neil Gaiman Wow, what an amazing book!This book is now one of my favorites, and over time, may become my favorite read of all time. Thinking back to my reading experience, it is up there with my first epic fantasy book (The Eye of the World) and my favorite fantasy series (Mistborn), two books that I think back upon with love in my heart and good memories in my mind. This is what makes reading all these books worth it.And this book was such a treat to read.For me, the book did have a slow start. Primarily, I was confused as to where the story was going and who most of the Gods were. After the Gods started to appear within the pages, I stopped reading and looked up who they were because I was getting frustrated that I might miss an important detail or phrase because I am completely unfamiliar with them. There were tons of them too! It really puts my current belief system into perspective, almost as if it is stating the obvious: that there are thousands of belief system in this world, and mine is only one of them. It is such a profound realization for me and something that I think the majority of this world could do with realizing as well.I don't really have much more to say. All I know is that I was profoundly fascinated by every word written within this story, that I read with wide open eyes and couldn't pull enough of it into my own mind, and that its remnants has lodged a permanent place within my brain. I will never forget it.Fucking amazing. Everyone should read this book.